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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although most will provide reasonable expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact


We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Ministry of Defence - Head of External Communications MOD 3/1/21 7/12/20 more
NED - property services, cleaning, catering, and waste management North West 3/1/21 4/12/20 more
Board Member – Clarion Housing National and London 3/1/21 4/12/20 more
UK Shared Business Services Ltd, Chair London 3/1/21 18/11/20 more
Financial Reporting Council, Chair London 3/1/21 20/11/20 more
Low Pay Commissioners x3 London 3/1/21 2/12/20 more
Non-Executive Member of the Independent Monitoring Authority with knowledge of the specific Citizens’ Rights conditions in Wales Min of Justice 4/1/21 7/12/20 more
UK Member European Committee for Prevention of Torture,Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Min of Justice 4/1/21 7/12/20 more
Chair to the Board of Trustees The Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling  (V) London 4/1/21 18/11/20 more
Technical Advisory Board – Industry and Independent Members Home Office 4/1/21 20/11/20 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees & External Trustees
Imperial College Union (V)
South Kensington, London 4/1/21 18/11/20 more
Trustee for JACKPINE - new environmental charity  (V) Home based - Liverpool 4/1/21 20/11/20 more
Trustee for The British Racing School [BRS]  (V) Home based - Newmarket 4/1/21 6/11/20 more
NED for the Oil & Gas sector Greater London 6/1/21 7/12/20 more
Legal Adviser for the Fairtrade Foundation London 7/1/21 4/12/20 more
Trustees – Amgueddfa Cymru National Museum Wales (V) Wales 8/1/21 2/12/20 more
Non-Executive Director – Highways England London 8/1/21 3/12/20 more
Trustee for The Outrunners Charity  (V) London 8/1/21 22/11/20 more
Treasurer, Trustee for London Waterkeeper  (V) Peckham, London 8/1/21 8/12/20 more
School Governor for Lady Eleanor Holles School  (V) Greater London 8/1/21 1/12/20 more
Board Members for Peace Hospice Care  (V) Watford 8/1/21 1/12/20 more
Non-Executive Director – Aurora-ecs London 10/1/21 8/12/20 more
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) Council Member x10 London 10/1/21 4/12/20 more
Chair for PUBLICA South West 11/1/21 30/12/20 more
Chair of Trustees South London Botanical Institute (V) S.London 11/1/21 8/12/20 more
Trustee for the Brilliant Club (V) Home based 11/1/21 1/12/20 more
Office for Environmental Protection – NEDs London 12/1/21 1/1/21 more
Trustee for My Life My Say (V) Home based 12/1/21 1/12/20 more
Trustees for Doorway  (V) Nuneaton 13/1/21 1/12/20 more
Audit and Risk Committee Independent Member (Dep for Education) London 15/1/21 1/1/21 more
External Member – House of Lords Commission London 15/1/21 1/1/21 more
Practicing Accountant member of the Insolvency Rules Committee  (V) London 15/1/21 1/1/21 more
School Teachers’ Review Body – Chair London, National 15/1/21 1/12/20 more
School Teachers’ Review Body - Board Member London, National 15/1/21 1/12/20 more
School Teachers’ Review Body - Economist London 15/1/20 1/12/20 more
NED -  Financial Ombudsman Service London 17/1/21 8/12/20 more
Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) Member MOD 17/1/21 2/12/20 more
Trustee for Cerebral Palsy Sport (V) Home based 17/1/21 5/12/20 more
Treasurer for the Garden Museum (V) London 18/1/21 1/1/21 more
UK Research and Innovation - Non-Executive Directors (up to 4) London and Swindon 18/1/21 7/12/20 more
Member of the Independent Reconfiguration Panel - Department of Health London 19/1/21 1/1/21 more
Non-Executive Directors x3 – for the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (VAC-1704) London/Various 19/1/21 1/1/21 more
HM Land Registry: 3 Non-executive board members (Digital, Property & HR) London and Nationwide 20/1/21 1/1/21 more
Trustees for the Children’s University Trust  (V) Home based 20/1/21 4/12/20 more
HMRC Non-Executive Director (Technology) London 22/1/21 1/1/21 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Riding For the Disabled Association Incorporating Carriage Driving  (V)
Warwick 22/1/21 3/1/21 more
Governors | Leicester College (V) Leicester 22/1/21 3/1/21 more
Non-Executive Members of the Food Standards Agency London 22/1/21 1/1/21 more
Member of the Office of Rail and Road’s Consumer Expert Panel London 24/1/21 1/1/21 more
Chair, Crossrail International London 24/1/21 1/1/21 more
Treasurer and Trustee
Darjeeling Children's Trust (V)
Home based 24/1/21 1/1/21 more
Chair | Peer Power  (V) London 25/1/21 1/12/20 more
Trustees for Future Men (V) Home based 25/1/21 1/12/20 more
Company Secretary/Trustee National Association of Child Contact Centres  (V) Nottingham, Derbyshire 29/1/21 1/1/21 more
Specialist Member, Performance review sub-committee – Hestia London 29/1/21 30/12/20 more
Schools Adjudicator Dept Education 29/1/21 1/12/20 more
Competition & Markets Authority, Chair London + National 31/1/21 1/1/21 more
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Non-Executive Director Lowestoft (Flexible) 31/1/21 1/1/21 more
Trustees for Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre  (V) Lincoln 31/1/21 1/1/21 more
Trustees deafPLUS (V) Central London 31/1/21 5/11/20 more
Chair of the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education London, Coventry + 1/2/21 1/1/21 more
Committee Members x 2 - for the Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland and Office of the Advocate General, Audit and Risk Assurance Committee London and Edinburgh 1/2/21 1/1/21 more
Independent Member of the Animal and Plant Health Agency Audit and Risk Assurance Committee London 2/2/21 1/1/21 more
Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee – Members London 3/2/21 1/1/21 more
Trustee for Friends of Moorfields Eye Hospital (V) London 3/2/21 30/12/20 more
Intellectual Property Office - Non-Executive Director London 7/2/21 1/1/21 more
Trustees for Recovery Code X (V) Home based - Bedford 9/2/21 11/11/20 more
College Governor - Safeguarding Lead -The Together Trust  (V) Manchester 9/2/21 11/11/20 more
Chair of Trustees – Medical Justice  (V) Home based 12/2/21 1/1/21 more
Trustee for The Bridge (YWCA Central Club)  (V) SE London 14/2/21 1/1/21 more
Trustee - Lead on Marketing & Communications
Mayhew  (V)
London 16/2/21 1/1/21 more
20Trustee – Lead on Marketing & Communications for Mayhew (V) London 16/2/21 18/11/20 more
Clinical Trustee for Rennie Grove Hospice Care (V) St Albans, Hertfordshire 18/2/21 26/11/20 more
Chairperson for Snow Sports Foundation  (V) Hemel Hempstead 25/2/21 1/12/20 more
Treasurer / Trustee for Scotty's Little Soldiers (V) Kings Lynn 1/3/21 1/12/20 more