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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although most will provide reasonable expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact


We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
HMRC Professional Standards Committee – Independent Advisors x 4 London 11/10/20 11/9/20 more
Finance and Audit Commitee member Barts Charity  (V) Farringdon, London 11/10/20 17/9/20 more
A2 Dominion Non-Executive Board Member London 12/10/20 23/9/20 more
Trustee with experience of homelessness for Emmaus Bristol (V) Bristol 12/10/20 21/9/20 more
 Chair of the Trustee Board for Circles of Support and Accountability UK  (V) Home based, Reading 13/10/20 23/9/20 more
Member of the Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland Belfast 14/10/20 30/9/20 more
NED for The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership (V) Exeter 14/10/20 23/9/20 more
Trustees for Groundlings Theatre Trust  (V) Portsmouth 14/10/20 30/8/20 more
Trustee for The Fifth Trust  (V) Canterbury 14/10/20 28/8/20 more
Breastcanceruk (V)
Holborn, Central London 15/10/20 23/9/20 more
Non-Executive Director (NED) (with experience of finance, audit and risk) Cardiff 15/10/20 20/9/20 more
Non-Executive Director (with experience of life sciences or health technology industry) Cardiff 15/10/20 20/9/20 more
NED) (with experience of a senior clinical / management role in a health / social care setting) Cardiff 15/10/20 20/9/20 more
Treasurer for Reach (V) Reading 15/10/20 30/8/20 more
Trustees for I have a voice CIC (V) Home based 15/10/20 15/7/20 more
NED Chair for Principality -  mutual building society Cardiff 16/10/20 1/10/20 more
Sea Fish Industry Authority Board Member Edinburgh and Grimsby. 16/10/20 20/9/20 more
Member - Qualifications Wales (Welsh Desirable) Newport 16/0/20 22/9/20 more
Chair of Trustees for The Mulberry Centre  (V) Isleworth 16/10/20 20/9/20 more
Independent NEDs for The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) London/Manchester 17/10/20 17/9/20 more
NED for the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Enterprise Ltd Wallingford 18/10/20 24/9/20 more
NED for North Devon Homes Barnstable 19/10/20 1/10/20 more
Trustee for Dulwich Picture Gallery(V) Dulwich 19/10/20 28/9/20 more
East West Railway Company, Chair Milton Keynes 19/10/20 23/19/20 more
Civil Service Pension Board and Scheme Advisory Board Non-Executive Board Member London 19/10/20 20/9/20 more
NED for Widgit Software Leamington Spa, Warwickshire 19/10/20 3/9/20 more
Trustees for the Dulwich Picture Gallery  (V) London 19/10/20 3/9/20 more
Board member, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Former holder of high judicial office) London 21/10/20 1/10/20 more
Chair – Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC)  - Meat Promotion Wales Aberystwyth + 21/10/20 30/9/20 more
Honorary Treasurer for the Chain of Hope  (V) Home based 21/10/20 2/9/20 more
NED for Conserv (Cornwall Council owned) Cornwall 22/10/20 23/10/20 more
Trustee for the Halcyon London International School (V) Central London 22/10/20 24/7/20 more
NED Analysts for Aquarius Action Projects W. Midlands 23/10/20 1/10/20 more
Vice President The Royal Meteorological Society (V) Reigate 23/10/20 25/9/20 more
National Lottery Community Fund - Chair of Wales Funding Committee London and Wales 23/10/20 25/9/20 more
National Lottery Community Fund – Chair of Northern Ireland Funding Committee London and Northern Ireland 23/10/20 25/9/20 more
3 x Board Members - S4C / 3 x Aelodau Anweithredol - S4C (Sianel Pedwar Cymru) Carmarthen, Wales 23/10/20 22/9/20 more
Trustees for Adrenaline Alley (V) Home based, Northants 23/10/20 23/9/20 more
Independent Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee on the Medical Implications of Less-Lethal Weapons (SACMILL) MoD - London+ 23/10/20 11/9/20 more
Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee (VAPC) Appointment of Members -LONDON MoD 23/10/20 20/7/20 more
Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee (VAPC) Appointment of Members -Yorks and Humber MoD 23/10/20 1/9/20 more
Independent NED for Haringey Community Benefit Society (HCBS) Greater London 24/10/20 24/9/20 more
Royal Armouries - Academic Trustee London (Leeds, Fort Nelson and the Tower of London) 24/10/20 20/9/20 more
Regulatory Policy Committee, Chair London 25/10/20 14/9/20 more
Small Business Commissioner Birmingham 25/10/20 9/9/20 more
Coal Authority – Chair National, Notts 25/10/20 10/9/20 more
Trustees for the Orchestra of the Swan  (V) Stratford-upon-Avon 25/10/20 3/9/20 more
Trustee for The Kids Network (V) Central London 25/10/20 24/7/20 more
Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, Chair Dorset 26/10/20 1/10/20 more
Chair of the Board- Land of the Fanns, Thames Chase Trust (V) Upminster 26/10/20 8/10/20 more
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - Non Executive Directors x2 Nationwide travel 26/10/20 30/9/20 more
Treasurer (Board of Trustees)
Kidscape  (V)
London 26/10/20 20/9/20 more
Vice Chair Trustee (V)
Bristol, Halifax, and Fareham 26/10/20 26/7/20 more
Chair for Saxon Weald Housing W Sussex 29/10/20 10/10/20 more
Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) Partnership - Members London 30/10/20 8/10/20 more
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board Appointment of Vice Chair Cardiff 30/10/20 1/10/20 more
Trustee for Soundwell Music Therapy Trust  (V) Bath - SW England 30/10/20 10/10/20 more
NED for the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Wallingford 31/10/20 1/10/20 more
Department for Transport, Non-Executive Director London 1/11/20 10/10/20 more
Met Office - Non-Executive Directors x2 London 1/11/20 20/9/20 more
Trustees for the Forever Hounds Trust  (V) Oxford 2/11/20 10/10/20 more
Lewisham Homes – Director of Property Services and Safety Recruitment London 2/11/20 10/10/20 more
Chair for Parentkind (V) Kent+ Central London 2/11/20 8/10/20 more
Board Member Global Girl Project  (V) Home based 2/11/20 2/8/20 more
Trustee for SMART (V) Greater London, Chelsea 3/11/20 3/10/20 more
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass) Chair Ministry of Justice 3/11/20 26/9/20 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Hope Support Services  (V)
Ross-on-Wye 3/11/20 20/9/20 more
Trustee for SMART  (V) Chelsea 3/11/20 3/9/20 more
Trustees and Committee Members for The Children’s Society  (V) London and Nationwide 6/11/20 10/10/20 more
Board Member - Friends of the Earth  (V) Belfast 6/11/20 1/10/20 more
Director of Labour Market Enforcement London 8/11/20 10/10/20 more
Trustee for RFU Injured Players Foundation  (V) Home based 8/11/20 8/10/20 more
Lead Non-Executive Board Member of the Joint Management Board – Office of the Secretary of State and the Advocate General for Scotland London/Scotland 15/11/20 10/10/20 more
Consumer Council for Water - Independent Board Members London 16/11/20 10/10/20 more
Welsh Member - Human Tissue Authority London 16/11/20 10/10/20 more
Trustee for Family for Every Child  (V) N.London 16/11/20 1/10/20 more
Treasurer for Our Second Home  (V) Home based 18/11/20 4/10/20 more
Trustee for the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists In Neurology  (V) London 19/11/20 10/10/20 more
Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology - Co-Chair London 22/11/20 10/10/20 more
Trustee and Trustee Treasurer for St Luke's Hospice Plymouth (V) Plymouth 9/12/20 9/9/20 more
Chair for the Hamelin Trust (V) Billericay, Essex 23/12/20 23/9/20 more
Trustee (with practical IT skills) for inVOLve Community Services  (V) Wokingham 30/12/20 1/10/20 more
Chair to the Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling Trustees Board (V) N London 2/1/21 10/10/20 more
Non Executive Director (Qualified Social Worker) - nfp IFA Yorkshire na 2/9/20 more
NED for Intelitude Informatics Ltd London na 8/10/20 more