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Interview for S Korean TV  


I hope this email finds you well.   I am writing this email to make an important interview/filming enquiry with Retirement/Reinvented on behalf of S. Korean TV.  My name is Seon-Ju Choi, a London based production coordinator for S. Korean media, we are currently working on a special TV documentary programme about new life and opportunity for the semi-retired or experienced senior citizens and the importance of the 3rd sector.  As life expectancy is getting as higher as 100 years old, especially we are trying to explore the generation of baby boomers, their future, and their career, etc. how they can enjoy their life with new opportunity for new career or voluntary work, and how they can do something for community with their experience, and seasoned skills.  We also believe the roles of the 3rd sector is very important in a society, will be able to bring important issues, and impact in many areas.  
For the programme, we would like to feature some good case story of some retired people's volunteering work or paid work as new career (ideally both) who have had the opportunity through your service.  It would be nice to feature some actual story, their new work/life after the retirement, and if it has brought positive impact, etc.  Do you think if you will be able to help finding them who will be happy to be interviewed and filmed in our programme?  
Our team would be in the UK in the week of 9th October, we need to do the interview/filming during that period.  I am very sorry for short notice, we have been let down by some people.  Please, let me know if you can help.
Featuring the case would be so important for our programme.  I believe your kind contribution would be able to educate our viewers, and make our programme so much more special.  We would very much appreciate if you could please support this matter and let us know the possibility as soon as you can.

Seon-Ju Choi

If this is of nterest to you and you would like to be put in touch with Seon-Ju Choi, please contact