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Social Recruitment Platform 

Job: Chair and FD

Location: London

We are a team-based social recruitment and collaboration platform for freelancers, project leaders and employers in the fast-evolving world of work. Our mission is to become a leading online talent acquisition and management platform - and the leading platform worldwide for sourcing or joining dynamic, flexible project teams, no matter how “commercial” or “social” those projects are.

We're a prefunded start-up (with a campaign now running on Crowdcube) but we already have a live prototype that's in active use and that we're consistently developing. The current team consists of a CEO/Head of Product, CTO/Lead Developer and a Community Development Director. We're seeking a Chair who would also be responsible for developing investor relations and a part-time FD who would also be responsible for looking after corporate governance issues (or one person to fulfil both roles).

Remuneration would be on a sweat equity and/or results basis at this stage. If you're interested in working with us but have something different to offer than the requirements given above, still please feel free to talk to us!

For more details about the role please contact Pete Francomb at