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Predictive text software

Job: Marketing Director and Business Development Director

Location: Edinburgh

Touchscreens will soon be universal - in your TV remote, your car, your mobile office. Their Achilles' heel is slow text entry. Our product is advanced word prediction with a twist - we have the only software in the world that also expands any reasonable abbreviation, doubling typing speed and productivity.

Our product is second-highest-rated in its field in the world. Our team has 3 PhD’s and great advisors. But we are competing against companies 100 times our size. We need to market cross-sector, which requires getting big companies to listen and take us seriously - we can out-perform our big competitors, if we can only get in our customers' doors.

We are seeking a Marketing Director and a Business Development Director whose remuneration will be in the form of sweat equity. We need help with raising funding too; we have the luxury of 96% equity still being with the founder.

For more details about the role please contact Tim Willis at