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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees


Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts (listed by order of closing date for applications)





If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  


Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Trustee for the Priest's House Museum Wimborne, Dorset 17/10/18 1/10/18 more
NED for Korn Ferry International London across England 18/10/18 28/9/18 more
NED for Highways England Birmingham 18/10/18 1/10/18 more
Chair -BPDTS Ltd  (DWP) London 19/10/18 21/9/18 more
Trustee VSO International Board London 19/10/18 21/9/18 more
Committee Members - Riverside Youth London 19/10/18 21/9/18 more
NEDs needed for HETAS Tewkesbury 19/10/18 24/9/18 more
NED for British Athletes Commission London 19/10/18 28/9/18 more
NEDs x 2 for Castle School Education Trust (CSET) South Gloucestershire 19/10/18 27/9/18 more
Non Executive Director - Fintech Payments Firm Greater London 20/10/18 21/9/18 more
Members Ind. Monitoring Board at HMP Bristol Bristol 21/10/18 10/9/18 more
NEDs for the FCA Board London 21/10/18 20/9/18 more
Independent Member of the Science and Technology Honours Committee London 21/10/18 1/10/18 more
Chair Darwin Expert Committee (DEC) London 22/10/18 19/9/18 more
NED for 2gether NHS Foundation Gloucs. 22/10/18 25/9/18 more
NEDs x 2 for the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust London 22/10/18 12/10/18 more
Members Ind.Monitoring Board at HMP/YOI Portland Portland, Dorset 24/10/18 10/9/18 more
NED for Audit Committee Cambs Constabulary Cambridgeshire 24/10/18 20/9/18 more
Trustee for the Heritage Lottery Fund / National Heritage Memorial Fund London and Scotland 24/10/18 13/9/18 more
Commissioners x 5 for the  Geospatial Commission London 26/10/18 27/8/18 more
NED for UK British Assoc of Sport and Exercise Various 26/10/18 28/9/18 more
Board Members for Riverside Youth London 26/10/18 7/9/18 more
NED for the Royal Mint Cardiff area 28/10/18 28/9/18 more
Trustee/NEDs - Academy Trust (NEMAT) Braintree 28/10/18 22/9/18 more
Chair of Trustees for Kidscape London 28/10/18 25/9/18 more
Ind Board Member - Cambs Constabulary Cambridge 28/10/18 18/8/18 more
Deputy Chairs for the Central Arbitration Committee London 29/10/18 3/10/18 more
Members for the Central Arbitration Committee London 29/10/18 3/10/18 more
Trustee for Tate Youth Engagement London, Liverpool and St Ives 29/10/18 1/10/18 more
NED for DAC Beachcroft (Solicitors) London/National 29/10/18 10/9/18 more
NED(Clinical)The Walton Centre NHS Merseyside 29/10/18 25/9/18 more
NED(Commercial)The Walton Centre Merseyside 29/10/18 25/9/18 more
Chair for Covent Garden Market Authority London 29/10/18 1/10/18 more
Trustees x 3 for New International Encounter (NIE) Cambridge 29/10/18 4/10/18 more
Chair of Trustees Board at the Trussell Trust London 29/10/18 10/10/18 more
Trustee for the Royal Commonwealth Society London 30/10/18 11/10/18 more
NEDs x 4 - Ventrus Multi Academy Trust Exeter 31/10/18 11/9/18 more
NED for Cancer Research UK Southampton 31/10/18 26/9/18 more
NED for the Forward Trust London 31/10/18 1/10/18 more
NED forthe Gambling Commission Birmingham 31/10/18 2/10/18 more
NEDs for Rapport Housing and Care Cuxton, Kent 31/10/18 4/10/18 more
Lay Member - Civil Procedure Rule Committee London 31/10/18 11/10/18 more
NEDs for HS2 Limited Birmingham 1/11/18 1/10/18 more
NEDs for the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee - Birmingham 2022 Birmingham 2/11/18 8/10/18 more
NED Audit Chair Mid-Cheshire NHS Crewe 2/11/18 2/10/18 more
Chair - Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee Yorkshire/Scotland -Various 2/11/18 1/10/18 more
Members - Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee Various 2/11/18 3/10/18 more
NED for AccordHousing Association Midlands 2/11/18 2/10/18 more
Hon Treasurer and Trustees for Self Management UK London and Warrington 3/11/18 3/10/18 more
NEDs for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) National 4/11/18 4/10/18 more
Board Member for ECITB (Construction) London 5/11/18 7/10/18 more
Trustees/Governors for Downside School Stratton-on-the-Fosse 5/11/18 3/10/18 more
NEDs for the Met Office London 5/11/18 5/10/18 more
Trustee (SEN) for the Children's Trust Tadworth, Surrey 5/11/18 10/10/18 more
Chair for award-winning Arts Therapy Charity Westminster, London 5/11/18 11/10/18 more
Special visitors for the Court of Protection and Office of the Public Guardian London 5/11/18 10/10/18 more
Chair+NEDs x 4 for de Ferrers Trust Burton-on-Trent 6/11/18 20/9/18 more
Tax Dorector for the Office of Tax Simplification London 6/11/18 10/10/18 more
Public Sector Member of the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB) 10089 Mainly London 8/11/18 10/10/18 more
NED Finance Committee Chair for Bolton NHS Trust Bolton, Lancs 9/11/18 3/10/18 more
Independent NED (Finance) for Archery UK Shropshire and London 9/11/18 5/10/18 more
Independent Member - Economy Honours Committee London 11/11/18 1/10/18 more
NED for the Mears Group Enfield, North London 11/11/18 11/10/18 more
Lay Members of the Legal Services Board London 12/11/18 10/10/18 more
Trustee for Fair Trials International London 12/11/18 25/9/18 more
Chair of Trustees for Centre for Homelessness Impact Edinburgh, Glasgow or London 12/11/18 8/10/18 more
Members of the British Transport Police Authority London 12/11/18 10/10/18 more
NEDs - Disclosure & Barring Service (Home Office) London 15/11/18 15/10/18 more
NEDs for the Met Office Exeter 26/11/18 5/10/18 more
Chair for the Office of Tax Simplification London 27/11/18 10/10/18 more
Trustees for Medic Alert Board Milton Keynes 31/12/18 18/9/18 more
Trustees for Dynamic Support for Manchester Manchester 7/1/19 9/10/18 more
Chair and Vice Chair for Healthwatch Hounslow Committee Hounslow, Middlesex 13/1/19 15/10/18 more
NED for TESYouth Greater London 13/1/18 15/10/18 more
NED - Biotech Software Manchester na 12/9/18 more
NED - High Growth Business Hampshire na 14/9/18 more
NED for Bristol Water South Bristol na 14/9/18 more
Committee Members for Comic Relief London na 20/9/18 more
NED Project Manager - Asset Management London na 21/9/18 more
NED for Cancer Research UK Southampton na 25/9/18 more
NED Ernest Hathaway Associates London na 2/10/18 more