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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although many will provide expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact


We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
Board Members for International Voluntary Service (V) Edinburgh 16/8/19 8/7/19 more
Chair for Home-Start Redbridge (V) Redbridge 16/8/19 13/7/19 more
Trustees for RideWise (V) Home based 17/8/19 19/6/19 more
Vice Chair for the Fusion21 Foundation (V+) North West England + National 19/8/19 19/7/19 more
Independent NED and Chair for The Rugby Football League (RFL) Leeds 19/8/19 21/7/19 more
Development Committee Members – Yorkshire Housing Leeds 20/8/19 1/8/19 more
Fundraising Trustee for The Migrants’ Rights Network (V) London 20/8/19 13/7/19 more
Trustees for The Connor Saunders Foundation (V) Brighton 20/8/19 22/7/19 more
Legally qualified Chairs to serve on Police Officer Misconduct Hearing Panels Avon and Somerset 21/8/18 21/6/18 more
NED x 3 for Network Rail Various locations in England, Scotland and Wales 22/8/19 22/7/19 more
Chair of the Acas Council  London 22/8/19 17/7/19 more
Trustee for Read Easy UK (V) Home based 22/8/19 22/7/19 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees for Manchester Literature Festival (MLF) Manchester 23/8/19 1/8/19 more
Non-Executive Director/Independent Member (Estates and Planning) - Velindre University NHS Trust Cardiff 23/8/19 30/7/19 more
Non-Executive Director/Independent Member (Legal) – Velindre University NHS Trust Cardiff 23/8/19 30/7/19 more
NEDs x 2 for The Office for Nuclear Regulation Bootle 23/8/19 15/7/19 more
Trustees for the Marks Hall Estate (V) Esex 23/8/19 12/6/19 more
Future Chair Cheltenham Ladies’ College Cheltenham 23/8/19 22/7/19 more
Estuary Envoy (Chair) London 25/8/19 20/7/19 more
Dartington Service Design Lab (V) London and Dartington 26/8/19 16/7/19 more
New Advisory Board Members for Open Briefing  (V) Home based 26/8/19 2/7/19 more
NEDs for the Portobello Business Centre (V) London 27/8/19 17/7/19 more
Chair for the Portobello Business Centre (V) London 27/8/19 17/7/19 more
Trustees, Secretary, Treasurer and Chair for Croydon RSPCA (V) South London 28/8/19 28/5/19 more
Policy and Public Affairs Volunteer for Refuge  (V) London 28/8/19 9/8/19 more
Trustee for the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance (V) London 29/8/19 31/5/19 more
Trustees for The Dalgarno Trust (V)  Kensington 29/8/19 2/6/19 more
Finance, Legal, Philanthropy and Digital Trustees + Chair of Trustees for I CAN (Children’s Charity) (V) Angel, London 29/8/19 8/7/19 more
Chair of Governors for Meath School, also Trustee of I CAN (V) Ottershaw, Surrey 29/8/19 8/7/19 more
Trustee Director for Munro Health (V) West London 29/8/19 1/6/19 more
Interim Human Resources Director for Warwick Students’ Union Warwick 29/8/19 12/8/19 more
NED for ORE Catapult Nationwide 30/8/19 11/8/19 more
The Pensions Regulator – Non-Executive Directors Brighton 30/8/19 2/8/19 more
Independent NED for Mountain Training UK and Ireland (V) Nationwide 30/8/19 15/7/19 more
NED, Board of Trustees for Changing Lives (V) Gateshead 31/8/19 17/7/19 more
Members for the Independent Monitoring Board of the Military Corrective Training Centre x 6 Colchester 31/8/19 12/6/19 more
NED - Diagnostics - Commercial Medical Cambridge 31/8/19 21/6/19 more
NED for Offshore Renewable Energy (“ORE”) Catapult Glasgow 31/8/19 6/8/19 more
Business Development Volunteer – Camberwell After School Project (CASP) (V) SE London 31/8/19 11/6/19 more
Trustee for The Voice of Domestic Workers (Finance)(V) Home based 31/8/19 2/6/19 more
Charity Treasurer  for The Sunshine Charity (V) London 1/9/19 9/8/19 more
Chair, Highways England London 1/9/19 30/7/19 more
Treasurer for the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre (V) Bristol 1/9/19 4/6/19 more
NED Chair for The National Composites Centre Bristol + 1/9/1/19 26/7/19 more
Non-Executive Director for the East West Railway Company
London 2/9/19 7/8/19 more
Chair of Trustees for I CAN, children’s communication charity(V) Greater London 2/9/19 9/8/19 more
Trustee for Voices (V) Bath and North East Somerset 2/9/19 2/6/19 more
Chair and two Non Executive Directors for Unity Insurance Services(V) London/Lancing 2/9/19 1/8/19 more
Members (x2) - Advisory Panel to the Welsh Language Commissioner Cardiff, Ruthin Caernarfon or Carmarthen 2/9/19 27/6/19 more
Defence Nuclear Safety Committee – 3 Members London 3/9/19 29/7/19 more
Nominations Committee Member for the Samaritans (V) Home based 4/9/18 22/7/19 more
British Film Institute – 3 x Governors London 4/9/19 22/7/19 more
Business Trustee – National Portrait Gallery London 4/9/19 8/7/19 more
NEDs for Healthwatch Birmingham (V) Birmingham 6/9/19 6/8/19 more
Members for the Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) York 6/9/19 30/7/19 more
Board Trustee for GEM Workspaces (V) Glasgow 6/9/19 10/8/19 more
Chair Designate for Home-Start Slough (V) Slough 6/9/19 13/7/19 more
Member of the DHSC Audit and Risk Committee London 6/9/19 5/8/19 more
Trustees for the Clergy Support Trust (V) Home based 6/9/19 20/6/19 more
Trustee for East Grinstead Museum (V) Home based 7/9/19 17/7/19 more
Non Executive Directors at UK Athletics Birmingham 7/9/19 7/8/19 more
Trustee for Peace Hospice Care (V) Home based 8/9/19 12/8/19 more
Chair for the Coal Authority Home + Mansfield 8/9/19 31/7/19 more
Chair for The Sustainable Restaurant Association (V) Hoxton, Greater London 8/9/19 24/7/19 more
DIT Audit and Risk Assurance Committee Member London 9/9/19 12/8/19 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees for Cancer Research Wales (V) Cardiff 9/9/19 16/8/19 more
Independent NED for Aequus Developments (Bath & North East Somerset Council) Bath 9/9/19 1/8/19 more
NED for the South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust London 9/9/19 30/7/19 more
Board Member with Policy Skills for New Leaf Support (V) Home based 9/9/19 11/6/19 more
Trustees for the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL)  (V) Home-based 9/9/19 24/7/19 more
NEDs for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman London and Manchester 10/9/19 6/8/19 more
Non-Executive Director (Commercial and Financial) at UK Athletics Birmingham 12/9/19 6/8/19 more
Non-Executive Directors at UK Athletics Birmingham 12/9/19 6/8/19 more
Non-Executive Director (Athletics Performance) at UK Athletics Birmingham 12/9/19 6/8/19 more
NEDs x 2 for The Port of Tyne Newcastle 13/9/19 26/7/19 more
Greyhound Trust Director (Trustee)  (V) Horley, Surrey 15/9/19 16/7/19 more
Ofqual Non-Executive Director – Assessment & Qualification Design Coventry and London 15/9/19 5/8/19 more
NED for the South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust Bicester 16/9/19 6/8/19 more
Trustee for The Queen’s Nursing Institute (QNI) (V) Marylebone, Greater London 16/9/19 15/8/19 more
Trustee for The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH)  (V) Central London 16/9/19 13/8/19 more
Treasurer for the Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (V) South London 16/9/19 16/6/19 more
Audit & Risk Committee Member for the Samaritans (V) Home based 17/9/19 22/7/19 more
RSPCA Member for Northallerton (V) North Yorkshire 18/9/19 20/6/19 more
Education Trustee for The Caldecott Foundation (V) Ashford, Kent 19/9/18 9/8/19 more
Finance Trustee for I CAN, children’s communication charity (V) Greater London 19/9/19 9/8/19 more
Trustee/Treasurer for KeyRing (V) Manchester 19/9/19 21/6/19 more
Planning volunteer for Campaign to Protect Rural England Nottinghamshire (CPRE) Home based 19/9/19 19/6/19 more
Treasurer for The Caldecott Foundation  (V) Ashford, Kent 19/9/19 21/6/19 more
Trustee/Treasurer for Smart Works Leeds (start-up) (V) Leeds 19/9/19 24/6/19 more
Chair of Board of Trustees for Migrant & Asylum Seeker Solidarity & Action (MASS Action) (V) Home based 19/9/19 21/6/19 more
Member – Volunteers needed on Independent Monitoring Boards (IMB) at HMP East Sutton Park Maidstone, Kent 22/9/19 30/7/19 more
Chair and Board Members for the Stopgap Dance Company (V) Farnham 23/9/19 13/8/18 more
Board Trustees for Carers FIRST (V) Various 24/9/19 2/7/19 more
Treasurer of The Silverlining Charity (V) Edinburgh 25/9/19 1/7/19 more
Company Secretary for Kairos Women Working Together (KairosWWT) (V) Coventry, West Midlands 25/9/19 1/7/19 more
Honorary Treasurer for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)  Devon (V) Devon 26/9/19 1/7/19 more
Armed Forces Pay Review Body – 3 Members London 27/9/19 1/8/19 more
Trustee for the Chailey Heritage Foundation (V) Lewes, East Sussex 28/9/19 9/8/19 more
Chair and Trustees for Vista (V) Leicester 30/9/19 12/9/19 more
Trustees and Chair of the Board for Exeter Northcott Theatre (V) Exeter 30/9/19 9/8/19 more
Baseball Softball UK seeks Chair and Independent Board Directors (V) London 30/9/19 1/8/19 more
Trustee/Director for the Community Furniture Stores (V) York 30/9/19 10/6/19 more
Social Care - Trustee for the Noah's Ark Children's Hospice (V) Barnet, Grreater London 30/9/19 2/7/19 more
Treasurer for Advice4Renters (V) Kilburn, London 30/9/19 2/7/19 more
Fundraising & Events Trustee for The Silverlining Charity Home based 30/9/19 2/7/19 more
Legal Trustee for The Silverlining Charity Home based 30/9/19 2/7/19 more
Trustee for RSPCA Bromley & District Branch (V) Bromley 2/10/19 8/7/19 more
Trustee for RSPCA Surrey East Branch (V) Horley, Surrey 2/10/19 8/7/19 more
Volunteer Coordinator Trustee for RSPCA Surrey East Branch (V) Horley, Surrey 2/10/19 8/7/19 more
Treasurer for Islington Mind (V) London 3/10/19 8/7/19 more
Trustee for ME Research UK (V) Home based 3/10/19 8/7/19 more
Lay member for Surrey & Sussex Recruitment Advisory Committee Brighton, Horsham, Crawley and Central London. 4/10/19 1/8/19 more
Trustees and Chair for Thackray Medical Museum (V) Leeds 4/10/19 22/7/19 more
Lay Member for Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Recruitment Advisory Committee (V) Luton, St, Albans, Stevenage, Hatfield and Central London 4/10/19 1/8/19 more
Lay member for Kent Recruitment Advisory Committee (V) Ashford, Maidstone and Central London 4/10/19 1/8/19 more
Veterans Advisory and Pensions Committee – 5 Regional Chairs Various 6/10/19 6/8/19 more
Treasurer for Independent Domestic Abuse Services (IDAS) (V) York 8/10/19 10/7/19 more
Trustee and Treasurer for RSPCA Essex Havering & Harold Hill Branch Essex 8/10/19 10/7/19 more
Trustee - Business Development / Entrepreneurial Skills for the Volunteer Centre Hackney (V) London 14/10/19 16/7/19 more
Trustee for Chron’s and Colitis UK (V) Hatfield 15/10/19 17/7/19 more
Trustee for Age UK Bexley (V) Greater London 17/10/19 17/7/19 more
Trustee for Age UK Redbridge, Barking and Havering (V) Greater London 21/10/19 21/7/19 more
Trustee and Company Secretary for The Gingerbread Centre (V) Stoke 21/10/19 21/7/19 more
Men in Sheds Director, new CIC (V) Worksop, Nottinghamshire 22/10/19 22/7/19 more
Treasurer for Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support (V) Plymouth 22/10/19 22/7/19 more
Treasurer for Peace Direct (V) London 24/10/19 24/7/19 more
Branch Co-Chair for The National Autistic Society (V) Peterborough 24/10/19 24/7/19 more
Branch Chair for The National Autistic Society (V) Swindon 24/10/19 24/7/19 more
Marketing and Communications Trustee for Disability Equality North West (DEnw) (V) Preston 24/10/19 24/7/19 more
British Kickboxing Council – Chief Safeguarding Officer (V) UK/Wales 31/10/19 16/8/19 more
Trustee for Cheltenham Housing Aid Centre  (V) Various 7/11/19 9/8/19 more
Trustee for The Railway Land Wildlife Trust (RLWT) (V) Lewes, East Sussex 10/11/19 10/8/19 more
Trustee for East Surrey Domestic Abuse Services (V) Reigate 10/11/19 12/8/19 more
External Trustee for theUniversity for the Creative Arts Students Union (V) Home based 10/11/19 12/8/19 more
Network Committee member for RNIB (V) Multiple locations 11/11/19 13/8/19 more
Trustees for Solent Mind (V) Hampshire 13/11/19 15/8/19 more
Trustee for Likewise (V) Greater London 13/11/19 15/8/19 more
Trustees for deafPLUS (V) Whitechapel, Greater London 13/11/19 15/8/19 more
Treasurer for North Yorkshire Community Museum (Beck Isle Museum (V) Pickering 30/11/19 10/6/19 more
NED for the Nasmyth Group Coventry na 19/6/9 more
Independent Non Executive Board Director for Central England Co-operative Lichfield, Staffs na 29/6/19 more
NED for More People (food start-up) Midlands na 11/7/19 more
NED for Independent Soft FM Business Preston na 1/8/19 more
NED for the The Stafford Railway Building Society Stafford na 6/8/19 more
NED for Catalyst Canary Wharf na 12/8/19 more
NED for Simpson Judge Milton Keynes na 13/8/19 more
NED for Preston na 16/8/19 more
Senior NED Recruiter for the New Schools Network SE London na 16/8/19 more