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 Lay Member of Court, university of Strathclyde
Cordale Housing Association – Opportunities to join our management committee
Abertay University seek five new independent members of its governing body, the University Court
Truseee with Financial Expertise for Brunelcare  
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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees


Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts (listed by order of closing date for applications)




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact

We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  


Position Location Date Closes Date Posted    
NED (clinical) for Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Blackpool 20/4/18 10/4/18 more  
Trustee for the Warrior Programme England 20/4/18 14/4/18 more  
Commissioner for the Royal Hospital Chelsea Chelsea 20/4/18 18/3/18 more  
Trustee (finance) for British Council London 21/4/18 12/4/18 more  
NED for Games Workshop Group Nottingham 22/4/18 3/4/18 more  
NED House of Commons London 23/4/18 11/4/18 more  
NED for housing association Gainsborough 23/4/18 12/4/18 more  
Chair for Howard Cottage Housing Association Letchworth 23/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Tipton and Coseley Building Society Tipton, W Midlands 24/4/18 12/4/18 more  
Mbrs for Highlands and Islands  Enterprise Inverness 24/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Royal Marsden London 25/4/18 14/4/18 more  
NED for Kettering General Hospital Kettering 25/4/18 13/4/18 more  
Chair for National Citizens Service Trust London 25/4/18 29/4/18 more  
NED for British Triathlon Loughborough 27/4/18 13/4/18 more  
NED for British Hockey Marlow 27/4/18 14/4/18 more  
NED for Trinity House London 27/4/18 6/4/18 more  
Mbrs for National Confidential Forum Glasgow 27/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Birmingham County FA Birmingham 27/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Wirral Univ Hospital NHS Wirral 27/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Active Black Country Black Country 27/4/18 5/4/18 more  
NED for St Anne's Community Services Leeds 27/4/18 28/3/18 more  
NED for Trinity House  London 29/4/18 7/4/18 more  
Trustees for Science Museum Group London 29/4/18 6/4/18 more  
Trustee for St Mungo's London 30/4/18 17/4/18 more  
Trustees for Which? council  London 30/4/18 19/4/18 more  
Trustee/Members of Council Trinity College London 30/4/18 16/4/18 more  
Chair for audit & risk cmte Univ of Sussex Sussex 30/4/18 14/4/18 more  
Trustee fpr Birmingham Museums Trust Birmingham 30/4/18 14/4/18 more  
Trustees for the Children's Society  UK 30/4/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Paragon Asia Housing Surrey/Leics/London 1/5/18 18/4/18 more  
NED for Palace of Westminser Restoration & Renewal board London 1/5/18 18/4/18 more  
Chair PA Housing Surrey, Leicester,London 1/5/18 17/4/18 more  
NED Palace of Westminster London 1/5/18 17/4/18 more  
NED for Skipton Building Soc Skipton, North Yorkshire 1/5/18 na more  
MBRS for Small Business Commissioner Advisory Board Birmingham/London 1/5/18 11/4/18 more,  
NED for N Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Scunthorpe 1/5/18 7/4/18 more  
NEDs for Univ of Manchester NHS Trust Manchester 2/5/118 17/3/18 more  
ind. mbr.for Ministry of Justice Audit & Risk Committeer London 3/5/18 14/4/18 more  
NEDs for Fife NHS and Lothian NHS Scotland 4/5/18 14/4/18 more  
Chair for Architecture & Design Scotland Edinburgh 4/5/18 14/4/18 more  
NED for Housing Association London 5/5/18 7/4/18 more  
NED for retail broking firm London 5/5/18 7/4/18 more  
NED for Financial Services group London 5/5/18 6/4/18 more  
Lay mbr for General Teaching  Council of Scotland Edinburgh 6/5/18 14/4/18 more  
NED for Dept of Education London 6/5/18 17/4/18 more  
audit Chair for Action for Hearing Loss London 7/5/18 11/4/18 more  
NED fpr NHS Improvemenr London 8/5/18 19/3/18 more  
Chairs & Vice chairs for Scottish Public Pensions Agency Galashiels 9/5/18 6/4/18 more  
NED for Portsmouth Hospital NHS Portsmouth 10/5/18 14/4/18 more  
Trustee for The Place London 10/5/18 19/4/18 more  
NED for table tennis Wales Cardiff 11/5/18 17/4/18 more  
NED for Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Kent 11/5/18 14/4/18 more  
NED for Titanic Belfast Belfast 11/5/18 12/4/18 more  
Board Governor for De Montford University Leicester 11/5/18 11/4/18 more  
Trustee Action4Youth Aylesbury 13/5/18 13/4/18 more  
Trustee Director for Earlham Institute  Norwich 14/5/18 19/4/18 more  
Mbr of Investment Committee Univ of Edinburgh Court Edinburgh 15/5/18 19/4/18 more  
NEDs for Radioactive Waste management Harwell 16/5/18 17/4/18 more  
NED for Freebridge Community Housing Kings Lynn na 13/4/18 more  
NED for software co London na 12/4/18 more  
NED for Skipton Bld Society Skipton na 18/4/18 more  
NED for British Fencing UK na 6/4/18 more  
NED fr Northumbria Healthcare NHS Northumbria na 5/4/18 more  
NED for London Marathon Events London na 3/4/18 more  
NED for British Valve & Actuator Association London na 29/4/18 more  
NEDs for ABColombia London na 29/4/18 more  
NED for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Birmingham na 28/3/18 more  
NED (audit chair) for Teachers Building Society  Wimborne na 27/3/18 more  
NED for Briish Valve & Actuator Association London na 14/3/18 more  
NED for English Cricket Board London na 14/3/18 more  
Trustee for Celebral Palsy \Sport Notingham na 9/3/18 more