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WANTED: Non Executive Directors and Trustees

Non executive Director ('NED'), Trustees and part time posts - listed by order of closing date for applications.

Volunteer and unpaid posts are marked (V), although most will provide reasonable expenses and subsistence.




If you would like to include an NED or Trustee role in the list below, please contact


We include a 'date posted' column so that it is easier for you to check whether changes have been made since you last visited this page.

Where a closing date is not available ('NA') entries are normally removed after 3 months.  

You’ll find expanded details of all these opportunities and more on our partner site:

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Position Location Date Closes Date Posted Link
NED FOR THE FOREST SERVICES BOARD Various 25/5/20 7/5/20 more
NED Group Board Member – Sanctuary Housing Worcester 26/5/20 1/5/20 more
Trustee - Carers Hub  (V) Home based, London 26/5/20 1/5/20 more
NED – Audit and Risk Assurance Committee DWP London+ 27/5/20 29/4/20 more
TRUSTEE - Move The World NGO  (V) City of London 27/5/20 2/4/20 more
Director Trustee for
Dudley, Midlands 28/5/20 28/2/20 more
Trustee and Treasurer Trustee
Development in Action
Home based 29/5/20 23/4/20 more
Finance Trustee
World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists (WFSA)
London 30/5/20 16/4/20 more
Chair of the Board - Chagos Conservation Trust (V) City of London 30/5/20 6/4/20 more
Social Security Advisory Committee – Chair London 1/6/20 4/5/20 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Deptford X visual arts festival (V)
London 1/6/20 16/4/20 more
Chair of the Board of Trustees Hospice in the Weald  (V) Weald 1/6/20 6/4/20 more
Independent Reviewer of Prevent London 1/6/20 1/5/20 more
Chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority London 3/6/20 23/5/20 more
Departmental Lead Non-Executive – Department for Work and Pensions London 3/6/20 13/5/20 more
Board Member - Julian House (Supported Housing & Homelessness) Bath 3/6/20 12/5/20 more
Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration London 4/6/20 7/5/20 more
Non-Executive Directors
Positive Money (V)
London EC1 4/6/20 4/5/20 more
Treasurer for a charity championing quality of life for older people (V) Kings Langley, Herts 4/6/20 6/3/20 more
NEDs for Platform Housing Group Birmingham 5/6/20 24/5/20 more
Council Member - London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  (V) London 5/6/20 22/5/20 more
Veterans Advisory & Pensions Committee (VAPC) - Appointment of Chairperson for the North East North  East 5/6/20 1/5/20 more
Footsteps Counselling and Care  (V)
Gloucs 7/6/20 25/3/20 more
NEDs for London LGPS CIV Limited (“London CIV”) London 8/6/20 22/5/20 more
Chair for North East Local Enterprise Partnership NE England 8/6/20 12/5/20 more
NED Group Board Legal- Dimensions London and Theale 8/6/20 1/5/20 more
Independent Committee Member (Audit and Risk) – Dimensions London and Theale 8/6/20 1/5/20 more
Board Trustee
CPL Group  (V)
Salford, Manchester 8/6/20 16/3/20 more
Treasurer for the Gordon Moody Association  (V) Home based 8/6/20 10/3/20 more
 Trustees for Poetry London (V) London 8/6/20 10/3/20 more
Non-Executive Director of the Care Quality Commission London + 9/6/20 15/5/20 more
Branch Secretary
South Bucks RSPCA (V)
High Wycombe 10/6/20 26/3/20 more
Chair of Trustees for Lichfield Arts  (V) Staffordshire 10/6/20 16/3/20 more
Trustees for Rights of Women (V) Home based 11/6/20 14/5/20 more
Treasurer Streets Ahead Rwanda  (V) London 11/6/20 16/3/20 more
NED for Trinity House Lighthouse Service Central London 11/6/20 12/5/20 more

Treasurer for The Federation of London Youth Clubs (V)
Hoxton, London 12/6/20 22/5/20 more
NED for Tennis Wales Ltd  (V) Wales 12/6/20 22/5/20 more
2 x Legally Qualified Members, Professional Conduct Committee, The Architects Registration Board (ARB) London 12/6/20 14/5/20 more
NEDs x 2 for Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust London 12/6/20 14/5/20 more
Imperial War Museum – RAF Trustee and Navy Trustee (V) London 12/6/20 7/5/20 more
NED for the Trinity House Lighthouse Board London 14/6/20 20/5/20 more
NED / Board Members - Finance, Audit, Risk; Customer Experience for Networx Evesham, Worcs 14/6/20 15/5/20 more
Department for International Trade Lead Non-Executive Board Member and Non-Executive Board Member London + 14/6/20 22/5/20 more
Trustee for Essex Wildlife Trust (V) Home based 14/6/20 1/5/20 more
Trustee/Safeguarding Lead for Blink – mental health  (V) Home based 14/6/20 26/4/20 more
Trustee for the For Life Trust (V) Home based 14/6/20 19/3/20 more
Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Prisons (Full time post) London 15/6/20 20/5/20 more
NED for Gateway Housing Association Mile End, London 19/6/20 22/5/20 more
NED for Silva Homes Bracknell 19/6/20 20/5/20 more
Chair to the Board of Trustees -The Manor House Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling  (V) Greater London 19/6/20 12/5/20 more

Chair for Friends of Shoreham Beach (FoSB) (V)
Home based 21/6/20 6/5/20 more
Trustee – Fundraising for Act4Africa (V) Greater Manchester 21/6/20 21/4/20 more
Trustee - Culture Healing Communities  (V) Home based - Durham 24/6/20 24/3/20 more
Health & Social Care Trustee - The Brain Tumour Charity (V) Farnborough, Hants 25/6/20 25/3/20 more
Trustees for TIC+ - Teens in Crisis  (V)
Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire
25/6/20 25/3/20 more
Trustee and Governor for St Johns School & College (V) Brighton 26/6/20 22/5/20 more
Chair of Trustees - Anti-Slavery International  (V)
Ferndale, Greater London
29/6/20 22/5/20 more
Trustee for The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM)  (V) Various 29/6/20 12/5/20 more
Trustee for the Chelsea Theatre   (V) London 30/6/20 20/5/20 more
Trustee for London Vision (V) Home based 30/6/20 30/3/20 more
NEds for The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) London + Various 6/7/20 23/4/20 more
Governance and Risk Trustee
Team Kenya (V)
Home based - NE England 7/7/20 12/3/20 more
Marketing, Communications and PR Trustee Team Kenya (V) Home based 7/7/20 12/3/20 more
Board Member and Trustee
Bucks Students' Union  (V)
Bucks 7/7/20 14/3/20 more
Chair of Trustees - Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education  (V) Exeter 8/7/20 15/3/20 more
Trustees for DASU - Domestic Abuse Safety Unit   (V) Deeside, Flintshire 15/7/20 16/4/20 more

Chair and `trustees for Abbeyfield St Albans Society - Grace Muriel House  (V)
Greater London, St Albans Herts 15/7/20 16/4/20 more

Trustees for Kinergy -specialist counselling agency (V)
Bristol 15/7/20 16/4/20 more

Trustee for
The English Association (V)
Home based 15/7/20 16/4/20 more
Director – Forward Housing Grantham/Home-based (depending on location) 15/7/20 16/4/20 more
Trustees: Secretary, Treasurer and General, Holy Cow Community Events  (V) Aylesbury 17/7/20 21/4/20 more
Trustee and Treasurer for Swarthmore Care home  (V) Gerrards Cross 17/7/20 21/4/20 more
Treasurer Raising Futures Kenya  (V) Home based 19/7/20 21/4/20 more
Kingston Carers' Network (V)
Surbiton, Greater London 23/7/20 23/4/20 more
Chair of Trustees for Adoption UK (V) Home based 30/7/20 1/5/20 more
Trustee – Finance Lead
Underground Lights (V)
Home based 4/8/20 4/5/20 more
Central London 11/8/20 12/5/20 more
Marketing and Fundraising Trustee Atal Y Fro  (V) Barry, Vale of Glamorgan 12/8/20 14/6/20 more
Trustees for the Clergy Support Trust  (V) Westminster, Greater London 16/8/20 22/5/20 more
NED for Dawson Housing London na 3/3/20 more
NED/Advisor to the Board Elite Crowdfunding limted London na 6/3/20 more
Assistant Company Secretary, Allianz UK - 6 month FTC Guildford na 16/3/20 more
Trustees for the full Board of The Mungo Foundation (V) Glasgow na 18/4/20 more
Revolut – Non-Executive Director London na 26/4/20 more
Philanthropy & Development Manager  (International charity) London na 28/4/20 more
NEDs x 5 for the House of Commons London na - asap 1/5/20 more
NEDs x 5 for the House of Commons London na- asap 1/5/20 more