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default retirement Age

The default retirement age of 65 in UK is abolished from 1 October 2011.    So is this an unmitigated bonus for oldies who are not ready or willing to retire yet?   
Well, not exactly - the law of unintended consequences is at work and press comment has pointed out that in the period between now and 6 April 2011 (the last date for giving  notice of compulsory retirement on or before 30 September) there are likely to be a large number of such notices which might never have been issued if the new rules had not forced the hand of employers.    It is reported in The Times that amongst specialist employment  lawyers, “the general presumption is that the ending of the default retirement age is the biggest threat in recent years to older people extending their working lives.”
Longer term however the challenge for employers is to improve their methods of appraising and measuring staff capability, performance and motivation, so that the work of individuals can be  measured objectively and without reference to age.     
This of course will be of potential benefit to oldies who wish to  continue working, but possibly would prefer to use their expertise and experience in different ways and possibly in different roles than formerly.
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