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Administration Volunteer for Hospice Volunteer Services 


Role summary:
To maintain & support administrative processes for Hampstead Hospice Volunteering Service.
Main tasks:
Volunteer Selection
·         Contact volunteer to set up a selection meeting
·         Selection Meeting Packs printed and left in Volunteers Office
·         Feedback the outcome of selection meetings to volunteer  - E-mail or letter sent to volunteer
·         Feedback outcome of volunteer selection meeting to RVT -Admin Volunteer contact RVC and leaves completed file in RVC pigeon hole (sealed envelope)
Disclosures/ ISA’s
·         Contact the volunteers to arrange a day to complete renewals.
New Starters
·         Call and arrange start date with volunteer and inform RVT.
·         Appropriate arrangements are made for new volunteer e.g.: computer sign on, door pass etc.
·         To arrange volunteer badges for volunteers
·         To arrange volunteer photographs for volunteers
·         Volunteer Induction Packs printed and left in Volunteers Office
Inducting Volunteers
·         Online training Set up passwords for online learning; Monitor online usage
·         Leave completed volunteer induction forms / checklist in RVC pigeon hole (sealed envelope)
Training (Mandatory and Skills
·         Online training Set up passwords for online learning; Monitor online usage
·         Send out booking invites to training sessions (invites for induction training can be included in starter packs)
·         Collate responses to training session invites
·         Organise practical aspects of delivery of training e.g.: booking room, refreshments.
·         Organise delivery of any induction training e.g.: trainers.
·         Collate and analyse volunteer evaluation forms / feedback.
·         Provide record of training undertaken by volunteers to RVT for recording on KEM
Managing Volunteers
·         Provide appropriate support structures for the day to day management of volunteers e.g.: named supervisor, operational guidelines, and volunteer rotas.
·         Manage volunteers’ attendance and absences e.g.: holidays, no shows for shifts.
·         Post authorised volunteer expenses form to 89AE  
·         Print blank expense forms for Volunteering Office
·         Print Change of Details Form for Volunteering Office
·         Process  drivers updates information
·         Process complementary therapists updates information
·         Replenish Lunch vouchers in Volunteers Office
·         Circulate Hospice Manager staff/volunteer bulletin
·         Include copies of MCCC People in Volunteers Office
Exit Procedures
·         Inform RVT of volunteer leavers
Statistics and Information Management
·         Include Monthly recruitment reports in Hospice Manager pack for Hospice Manager meeting
Loyalty Awards
·         Order loyalty awards via RVT.
Activities and Events e.g.: Volunteers’ Week and Christmas Party, Volunteer Updates
·         Co-ordinate local thank you events and activities.
·         Send out invitations and co-ordinate responses to invitations.
·         Event organisation location, room booking, programme of activity, refreshments and entertainment.
·         Send out Volunteer Volunteers’ Week Thank You cards



Any agreed out of pocket expenses which are incurred when carrying out this volunteer role will be reimbursed in line with the Marie Curie volunteer expenses policy.
In addition to the specific task outlined in this role description all Marie Curie Cancer Care volunteers are required to operate within all relevant policies and guidelines and should be aware of their specific responsibilities towards the following:
·         Marie Curie Cancer Care operates a no-smoking policy. Volunteers should either be a non-smoker or be prepared not to smoke in any charity premises, grounds or vehicles or when on Marie Curie Cancer Care business.
·         Adhere to all health and safety and fire regulations and to co-operate with the charity in maintaining good standards of health and safety.
·         Promote and sustain a responsible attitude towards equal opportunities and diversity within the charity.