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Mothers reinvented
Not retirement but a career break whilst raising a family.   
The purpose here is to provide e-networking for mothers (or grandmothers!) who are constrained by obligations to children and family, but would like to continue to make use of and develop their professional, artistic and innovative skills.  
Whatever the objective, it is normally much easier and more fun to achieve if it is done in cooperation with others, and particularly with others who have complementary skills.     So please use this as message board to outline your project and seek comments and participation from some of the other mothers who are keen to use and expand their multi tasking skills.      Maybe a few of the over 50s may be able to help also!
A contributor writes:

 "Mothers are, in my opinion, a massively under-utilized resource of skills
and experience that are often looking for a way to keep their skills current
but on their own, flexible terms. They want to do project type work which
may not have a fixed deadline that they can interweave into their normal
'housewife routine' (if that is not too politically incorrect). I see it as
a classic trade off of flexibility against cost.
The trick seems to be to identify enough of them to make a viable virtual
organisation AND to identify the sorts of companies who need some support
who would be the customer base. It seems obvious that organisations like
UKBusiness Incubation and Business Link would be good sources of information about that
customer base. I know that Business Link do have some sort of on-tap
pre-registered consultants. The answer to the first question is of course by contacting school parents associations - who are always populated by the mothers.
There is a local outfit close to us who organize baby sitting. Their model
is that you pay them a monthly fee and then a small percentage for them to
take the hassle out of organising a babysitter for you - a service industry
to parents. I guess that is the sort of model I had in mind.
a classic trade off of flexibility against cost. "

RM   Dec 2006


Lets have some more thoughts on this   -  and maybe hear from some school parents associations!