Shoppers head to the web to buy home insurance ahead of winter

Most people who plan to buy a house cover policy are increasingly opting to check Castle Cover home insurance quotes and other price comparison websites in order to get the best deal, according to new research. What's more, most of them are happy to do it without the aid of professional help or advice.

Such are the findings from the latest study by Defaqto, which discovered that 85 per cent of people would be very happy to buy a home insurance policy online. The study, which looked at 304 policies taken out, also discovered that most policy features were easily available to consumers buying their policy through the internet.

Overall, 79 per cent of policies were able to provide both younger and older with accidental damage as an optional extra, while another 67 per cent of policies offer legal expenses. This will likely be very handy to know for those looking to get home insurance ahead of winter, as temperatures drop and weather becomes more challenging.

After all, the drawbacks of having inadequate home insurance could be financially fatal and expensive. After all, during the winter, one of the most common claims is a burst pipe; insurance experts have said that the average claim for this issue is somewhere in the region of £15,000. If you decide to get a policy, be sure that your chosen home insurance cover protects against the fallout from frozen or burst pipes.

Defaqto insight analyst for general insurance Mike Powell said: "Our homes and the contents within them are our most valuable assets, and it is therefore important to have appropriate insurance in place to protect them. We have found that a very high proportion of people are happy to buy home insurance online without advice."