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Hazy Memories of a Dynamic Woodpeckers RFC AGM 

held at The Dormy House, Royal Porthcawl at 11pm (approx) on 22 April 2015

Those present:  Blake, Mackay, Wates, Silk, Scobie, Murray, Palmer, Bentley, Ross Russell, Lusty

Suitable refreshment and stimulants were provided due to the late start but succeeded in keeping the attendants awake and very vociferous.


The desirability to continue the Woodpeckers RFC golf association.

Action taken so far in an ill defined way had proved successful for both new and original members.
The Host Golf Clubs continue to invite us and repeat the warm welcome, claiming excessive applications to play in our matches
Those newer members in this meeting confirmed their continued enjoyment of their membership.

Item 2 

Introduction of new members and method of invitation

To continue as now through suggestions from existing members, but those invited must be prepared to tour and not just play in matches close to home.
The numbers to be governed by replacement of those Peckers who are injured or have fallen off the active perch - likely to be 2 to 3 per year.
Two applicants to be invited now.
Ted Wates brother      introduced by Ted
Stewart Wilson           introduced by Roger Murray, Marriott Irons.

There is a type of preference to describe a potential applicant
            Good Chap
            Ex rugger player regardless of standard but a lover of the game.
            Less than 75?
            Possibly without a very low golf handicap
            Sense of humour

Item 3

Club administration and finance.

The recent election of match managers has been very successful and should continue as now with replacements as when needed. Preference should be given to those who are members of the club within their tour management.
There exists a live account with Lloyds Bank, Braintree, from where I will obtain an up to date Statement. Lusty is the only authorised signature.
Payments of £150 were made into that account by,
Balding, Bentley, Chapman, Denton, Harrison, Hurren, Irons, Knox, Murray, Scobie, Thompson, Wates, Ross Russell, Lusty, Mackay, James.

Item 4

Just a happy memory from P and K
            With fond regret I oft remember
 those happy days of joy and fun.
            When all my limbs were soft and tender
            Did I say all but one.
            Alas those days have gone for ever
            Those happy days of joy and fun.
            For now my limbs have all grown stiffer
            Did I say all, well all but one.