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Business: Blendology

Job: Experienced person in the events industry

Location: Cambridge

A unique tap-to-connect technology that allows instant fuss-free connection between devices. We have used this technology for our events solution, which allows people to exchange contact details with other delegates and exhibitors and to enjoy event activities such as interactive voting.

In two years we have developed the underlying technology, created electronic devices implementing this technology and associated backend systems, and rolled out the system at an increasing number of events in the UK and abroad. We are now looking at scaling the Company, both by growing the events application, and exploiting the underlying technology in other markets such as mobile, medical and internet of things. We have plans for ongoing technical development, market development and in parallel are developing propositions for investors.

As a lean start-up with limited funding we are constrained by the size and experience of our team. In order to implement our plans we are looking for the following:
1. A person with high-level experience and contacts at a senior level in the events industry, who can help to refine our product offering and reinforce the credibility of the events product by introducing us into big players.
2. A person who can help us to move our tap-to-connect technology into other markets in which we can exploit our instant hassle-free connectivity or pairing between devices. Our aim is to identify and qualify possible applications, develop a market proposition and partners.
With both roles, experience of developing propositions for investors and contacts in the investment community would be an additional bonus.

For more details about the roles please contact Clifford Dive at