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Educational SAAS product

Job: Business Manager/CTO

Location: Edinburgh

SAAS product that connects independent teachers and adult-learners with informal venues for face-to-face classes seeks a full time business manager to come on board and help them develop through the early growth phase.We have a new product in the pipeline that will help us to develop our market with partner companies.

It’s important that the candidate has a background in sales and experience of negotiating license deals. Knowledge of digital cultures is absolutely essential, as well as a strong understanding of multi-sided business models and segmented markets and revenue streams. Knowledge of partner companies would be useful, and these are unlikely to be educational companies. More probably partners will companies with aligned interests or markets such as publishers.           

We are also seeking a CTO with ROR skills.

Remuneration will be negotiable, but in the form of options set at 6 monthly periods with salary and bonuses be linked to target revenues. It may be possible to work remotely – this is something that would have to be negotiated with the candidate.

For more details about the role please contact Morna Simpson at